Special Issue (No.2 March 27, 2012)

Ars Vivendi Journal
Special Issue: “Experiences of Illness and Narratives: Possibility of a Narrative Approach as an Analysis Method” (No.2 March 27, 2012)


Introduction to the Special Issue 1
Tatsuya SATO (HTML / PDF, 13KB)
Holding One’s Own as an Art of Living:
Reflections on Companion Stories and Narrative Analysis 2-10
Arthur W. FRANK (HTML / PDF, 61KB)
Illness Beyond Description:
Three narratives and the ars vivendi of patients with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) 11-17
Mayuko ONO (HTML / PDF, 42KB)
Narratives of ‘Harm’ and Those of ‘Illness’: Considering the Difference between Them 18-21
Michitaka OTANI (HTML / PDF, 26KB)
Place and Relationship in Which Narratives of Illness are Produced:
Stories from the Multiple Self 22-27


Family/Gender/Capital – Sketches 28-49
Shin’ya TATEIWA (HTML / PDF, 118KB)

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