Study group on norms and order

The purpose of this project is to theoretically examine from the point of view of existence and its security norms (both legal and moral) and the order which supports such norms, at the same time being formed by them. The actual content of the research is a close theoretical/critical investigation/examination of norms and order from the point of view of institutions (and institutional theory) based on the results accumulated through the research done with the same objective in mind so far, namely, the perusal and examination of the related studies in a wide range of humanities and social sciences. This project is significant in the sense that incorporating the wide-ranging research trends in and outside the country, it strengthens the theoretical aspect of research on norms, order, and institutions in general, without being constrained by single academic domain, attempting to propose new viewpoints to assess institutions and policies in regard to existence and its security.

Name of Project Study group on norms and order
Research subject Theoretical study of norms, the order, and the institutions in regard to existence and its security
Project representative ABE Akira
Term 2012