Study Group on Colonialism

The purpose of this study group is to look into colonial systems, paying close attention both to their particularities and the relationships between them, as well as the uneven distribution of power inherent in colonial systems. Members of the group share the historical perspective that views colonialism as one of the main aspects of modern history. The study group will conduct research based on the current developments of research on colonialism such as post-colonial theory, research on imperial history and history of colonial legal systems. At the same time, we strive to distance ourselves from the desire to simplify the power structure of colonialism by reducing the complex realities into a simplified structure of the colonizers and those being colonized. By group reading of texts on colonialism or conducting research presentations by the members, the group strives to create a space, in which each of us can enrich his or her understanding of what colonialism is and why it matters for his or her particular research, creating a space of shared problem consciousness.

Name of Project Study Group on Colonialism
Research subject Comparative History of Colonialism, especially on the interrelated Structures of Empire and Internal Colonies
Project representative KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki
Term 2012