Study group for research on disability studies

The aim of the study group is to conduct theoretical and empirical studies on 'disability', striving to establish and further develop theories and scientific fields that would be deeply rooted in the viewpoint of the people with disabilities themselves. Although research on 'disability' is conducted in various fields, many of the endeavors – as is especially clear in such truly symbolic areas as welfare of handicapped persons, education of the physically and mentally handicapped, and rehabilitation – both theoretical and empirical research is largely conducted from the point of view of the service-givers, and up to the present day there have been only a few attempts to represent the point of view of the disabled or the relationship between them and the society. The study group was created to serve as an opportunity for those working in disability studies and interested in the above task to share the results of the research with each other, and, having refined them through the process of discussion among the members, publish them, thus contributing both theoretically and empirically to disability studies.

Name of Project Study group for research on disability studies
Research subject Theoretical and empirical studies on disability and society
Project representative TATEIWA Shin'ya
Term 2012