Visiting Researchers (2019)

Name Affiliation Subject of Research
ABE, Akira Mie Prefectural College of Nursing
AOKI,Shintaro Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza
ARIMA, Hiroshi Yokohama City University, International College of Arts and Sciences Bioethics, Ethics of terminal care
ARIYOSHI, Reiko Analysis of the Activity of the Artificial Dialysis Patient Society
BANSHO, Kenichi The Amami-Okinawa=Ryukyu Research Center, Doshisha University Settler Colonialism and thinking of “colonization” in Japanese Empire
CHIN, Angelina Pomona College, History Department (Asian Studies) A comparative studies of the care technologies for the elderly and the disabled in Japan and China
CHUNG, Yicheng Tokyo Branch of Otani University, Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute  Comparative research of the legalization of end-of-life care in East Asia
DOHI, Ituki Kyoto prefectural highschool teacher research of relation between transgender students and gender in school
DOBASHI, Keiko Ethics, Human rights awareness and Law consciousness of Special Education School staff
GOTO, Yuri Faculty of Urban Management Comparative Study on Disability Rights Movements for Anti-Discrimination Legislations in East Asia
HAGIHARA, Mitsuyoshi Aioi-Shinkyu(Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic) Medical Democratization in Postwar Kyoto
HAGIWARA, Hiroshi Social welfare foundation Kashimayuaikai Studies on the system and policy of mental health services
HAKODA, Tetz Associate Professor, Tenri University On the Concept of Governmentality and Critical Reflections on Contemporary Neoliberalist Reason
HARA, Shohei The Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka(newspaper) Human rights of patients in psychiatric medical care, Issues concerning poverty and public assistance, Social consciousness about socially vulnerable people
HIZAWA, Yoshihiko Nagoya City University
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Society and Collaboration(Study of Gender, Human Rights, and Social Welfare)
Social welfare and social work studies
IIDA, Namiko Discussion of a Community Interpreter’s Roles at Human Support Scenes: Examining the Criteria of Interpreters’ Impartial Intervention
IINO, Yuriko Center for Barrier-Free Education, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo Theoretical and expirical studies focuing on the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, and diability
ICHINOMIYA, Shigeko Experience of a Living Donor Liver Transplantation
INOUE, Takeshi NPO Mainstream association The movement of parsons with disabilities and independent living in Latin america
ISHIOKA, Akiko Research Institute of Automobile and Parts Industries, Waseda University ‘Creating Paintings and Crafts of Persons with Disabilities in China’
‘Automated Vehicles: Action Range Expansion and Securing of Morbidity’s Safety for Persons with Disabilities’
KADOSAKI, Yohei Nihon Fukushi University History of Financial Exclusion and Welfare Loan, Temporal Scope of Egalitarianism
KATO, Yukiko Saitama University, Center for Research in General Education Bridget Riley and Georges Seurat for Living through the 21st Century
KATSUI, Hisayo University of Helsinki, Finland, Disability Rights and International Cooperation
KAWABATA, Miki Ritsumeikan University
KAWAGUCHI, Naoko Part-time lecturer (Subject :social services for disabled people)
Chukyo University, Nagoya City University, Gifu-shotoku University, Tokyo Fukushi University Nagoya Campus
Intersections between gender and disability,Social Work based on Social Model of Disability
KAWAGUCHI, Yumiko NPO ALS/MND Support Centre Sakura A technology bases approach to ALS patient care
KAWAHARA, Azumi JSPS Research Fellow (International Research Center for Japanese Studies) The Historical and Intellectual-Historical Study of Sadomasochism in Modern Japan
KAWAI, Sho Philosophical and qualitative research about advocacy by visiting institutions for people with disability :To protect the rights of people with disability
KAWANO, Satsuki University of Guelph, Department of Sociology and Anthropology An anthropological analysis of support for children with developmental disabilities, An anthropological analysis of dyslexia in Japan
KIKHIA, Jihan Komo Consulting Services(Toronto, ON):Primary Consultant
Documentary Film: Searching for Kikhia (working title):Director and writer
Disability Rights in Arab Region
KIM Jong-Ok Human Rights of the Person with Disabilities
KOBAYASHI, Hayato Department of Social Welfare at Nihon Fukushi University Realities and Evaluations of Workfare Policy
KOHMORI, Akira History of Disabled People and Productivity in the Early 20th Century England
KONISHI, Mariko Osaka University, Graduate School of Letters The Ethics of Dependence and Addiction
KUBOTA, Yoshie
KWAK, Jeongran Sociolinguistic Research for Deaf communities
MASUDA, Hideaki
MATSUEDA, Akiko A Study on Critical Discourse and Movement about Drugs and Drug-induced Sufferings in post-WW2 Japan
MATSUMOTO, Risa Kanazawa University, Organization of Frontier Science and Innovation Supports for Siblings of People with Disabilities
MATSUNAMI, Megumi part-time lecturer of Osaka City Univ. and Ryukoku Univ. Disability issues in human rights education/Edicaion and training on Disability Discrimination Act
Mihaeng Sohn Faculty of International Studies Compalative Study of ESD and Moral Education in Japan and Korea
MISHIMA, Akiko Social welfare and social work studies/Creating educational materials for diversity
MITHOUT, Anne-Lise Université Paris-Diderot, Faculty of Japanese Studies French-Japanese comparison on special needs education
disabled people’s employment,
disability right movement,
disability and gender
MITSUDA, Itsuro Ritsumeikan University Part-Time Lecturer Social Sciences System and policy theory of public pension、Basic research to solve poverty problems in people’s life
MURAKAMi, Kiyoshi Kobe City University of Foreign Studies (Part-time Lecturer) History and Current Status of Feminist Archives, and Its Significance and lssues
NAGATA, Atsumasa Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology in Japan. Forcusing on Global Fans Networking of K-pop.
NAGATA,Mieko Heian jyogakuin University
NAGAYAMA, Hiromi Sociology of nursing practice in medicine
NAKAKURA, Tomonori Chiba University of Commerce History of social innovation theory
NAKAO, Kenji Research concerning policies to stably and sustainably secure and maintain human mobility/transportation as the foundation of daily life
NAKAO, Maika Nagasaki University Atomic Bomb Disease Institute Medical care for atomic bomb survivors and the reconstruction of bombsites
NIIYAMA, Tomoki Kobe International University, Project SCOBU
NISHIZAWA, Izumi Kyoto Central Nursing health School A Historical Research on the Medical Practices in the Nishijin Region of Kyoto
NOSE, Keisuke
OKUBO, Suguru BMS Yokohama Inc. Research on medical intervention (e.g. cochlear implant, newborn hearing screening, prenatal diagnosis) toward people with hearing disorders
ONO, Mitsuaki Associate Professor, School of Human Cultures, University of Shiga Prefecture Historical sociology on militarism in Japan
ONOUE, Koji Advisor for Policy for Persons with Disabilities (Cabinet Office), Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples’ International
OTA, Keiko Osaka Hospital Organiation osaka Medical Center School of Nursing
ONUKI, Naho Kyoto University of Art and Design Art theory and Aesthetic studies for Tattoo and Body modification
SADAOKA, Minobu Kyoto Koka Women’s University Reproductive medical ethics,Analysis of legitimacy of Surrogacy in Japan
SASATANI, Eri History of the hereditary disease for “child ”and “parents”
SHINOHARA, Makiko Reseach Center for The History of Otemon Gakuin’s integrated Education System The History of Persons with Disabilities Expanding into the Local Life, Reginal Sociology of “Kou” Communities, and Archiving of Soundscape Historical Sociology of Educational System
SODA, Natsuki Center for Independent Living Step Edogawa International Cooperation for Persons with Disabilities by Persons with Disabilities
SUGIHARA, Tsutomu MARUI Mental Clinic A Study on Continuous Community Living for Mental Patients
A Study on M-GTA
TAKASAKA, Yasuo Nayoro City University About the generation process of the disability basic pension and the care security in kind benefits
TAKAHASHI, Ryoko Faculty of Human Sciences, Institute of Human and Social Sciences / School of Regional Development Studies, Kanazawa University Comparative Study on Successful Advocacy Work to Develop the Participation of Disabled People in welfare policymaking
TANABE, Kentaro Ritsumeikan University, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences Philosophy of Music, Analytic Aesthetics, Music Education
TENBATA, Daisuke JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists PD/Chuo University/ Dai- job high,Inc.
TOSHIMITSU, Keiko Town corner counselor’s office for women “Kokokara Salon”
UCHINAMI, Ayako Shukutoku Junior College A Study about Equal Access to Information for People with Intellectual Disabilities: From a Perspective of Social Model
URATA, Yu Osaka University, Teaching and Learning Support Center
YAMAMOTO, Shinsuke
YAMAMOTO, Yumiko Osaka Prefecture University Science of Thought and Thought of Science
YANG, Yangil
YASUDA, Masayuki UNI (specified nonprofit corporation) Support of disabled students in higher education
YOKOTA, Yoko A history of environmental radioactivity surveys and nuclear emergency preparedness
YORITAKA, Tsunenobu
YOSHIDA, Kashimi Nihon University Protection of Infants’ Lives
YOU, Kihoon Seoul National Univ. Hospital(SNUH), South Korea Definition of Mental suffering and the ethical construction of mental health system
The Victimology of social violence and the ethics of redress Global COE Program for Ars Vivendi

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