Visiting Researchers (2017)

Name Affiliation Subject of Research
ABE Akira part-time lecturer at Ryukoku University Philosophical Study on the Solidarity in Pluralistic Society
Albertus-Thomas Mori Anthropological Study of Chinese Overseas Christians in East and Southeast Asia
AMADA Josuke Professor Faculty of Letters, Chuo University Sociology of Aging, Aging and Modernization, Qualitative Research Methods (Ethnography)
AOKI Chihoko Center for Global Studies, GraduateSchool of International Relations, University of Shizuoka
AOKI Shintaro
ARIMA Hiroshi Yokohama City University, International College of Arts and Sciences Bioethics, Ethics of terminal care
ARIYOSHI Reiko Analysis of the Activity of the Artificial Dialysis Patient Society
BANSHO Kenichi The Amami-Okinawa=Ryukyu Research Center, Doshisha University Settler Colonialism and thinking of “colonization” in Japanese Empire
DOBASHI Keiko Haruhidai Special Education School for Children with intellectual Disabilities in Aichi Prefecture Protecting human rights and providing training for school staff with regard to Intellectually disabled children (particularly down’s syndrome children) and children with the autism spectrum disorder at a special education school.
FUJIWARA Ryota NPO Wakamiya club, Day care center(for after school)”Mizuiro Sociology of the action for entering school
GAMO Ryota Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Well-being Kansai University Linkage of Three Elements of “Body”, “Teaching” and “Survive
GAO Wei Wuhan East-Lake Institute for Social Advancement;Research Fellow Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities
HAGIHARA Mitsuyoshi Aioi-Shinkyu” (Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic) Medical Democratization in Postwar Kyoto
HAKODA Tetz Associate Professor, Tenri University On the Concept of Governmentality and Critical Reflections on Contemporary Neoliberalist Reason
HASEGAWA Yui Reconsideration of the “Independent Living” Concept over the Independent Living Movement
HASHIGUCHI Shoji A Position of Social Movement for Minimum Wage in Japan
HIZAWA Yoshihiko Nagoya City University
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Society and Collaboration(Study of Gender, Human Rights, and Social Welfare)
Social welfare and social work studies
HORIE Yuri Naka Church, United Church of Christ in Japan Theoretical Researches and Field Studies on Feminisms as Survival Strategies
ICHINOMIYA Shigeko Experience of a Living Donor Liver Transplantation
IIDA Namiko Discussion of a Community Interpreter's Roles at Human Support Scenes: Examining the Criteria of Interpreters' Impartial Intervention
KADOSAKI Yohei Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science History of Financial Exclusion and Welfare Loan, Temporal Scope of Egalitarianism
KATO Yukiko Saitama University(Associate Professor) Fusion of Art and Life in Post-WW II Art Scene
KAWAGUCHI Naoko Part-time lecturer (Subject :social services for disabled people)
Chukyo University, Nagoya City University, Gifu-shotoku University, Tokyo Fukushi University Nagoya Campus”
Intersections between gender and disability,Social Work based on Social Model of Disability
KAWAGUCHI Yumiko NPO ALS/MND Support Centre Sakura A technology bases approach to ALS patient care
KIM Jong-Ok Human Rights of the Person with Disabilities
KITAMUTA Kentaro part-time lecturer at Ritsumeikan University Representation and politics of diseases / illnesses in postwar Japan
KOBAYASHI Hayato Department of Social Welfare at Nihon Fukushi University Realities and Evaluations of Workfare Policy
KONISHI Mariko Japan Society of the Promotion of Science Pathology of Relationship: Crossing Restorative Justice and Care Perspective
KWAK Jeongran
MAKI Masako
MASUDA Yosuke Researches on “Saitama-ryu (Saitama style)” disability movements
MATSUNAMI Megumi part-time lecturer of Osaka City Univ. and Ryukoku Univ. Disability issues in human rights education/Edicaion and training on Disability Discrimination Act
MURAKAMi Kiyoshi Kobe City University of Foreign Studies (Part-time Lecturer) History and Current Status of Feminist Archives, and Its Significance and lssues
NAGATA Atsumasa Research Fellow, National Museum of Ethnology in Japan. Forcusing on Global Fans Networking of K-pop.
NAGAYAMA Hiromi Sociology of nursing practice in medicine
NAKAKURA Tomonori Ritsumeikan University (Advisory Fellow / Part-time Lecturer ) Invention, Animal, Society: on the Turning point in History of Thought
NAKAO Kenji Kyoto Prefecture Research concerning policies to stably and sustainably secure and maintain human mobility/transportation as the foundation of daily life
NIIYAMA Tomoki Kobe International University, Project SCOBU
NOSE Keisuke
OHO Mari
ONO Mitsuaki Associate Professor, Department of Human Relations, School of Human Cultures, the University of Shiga Prefecture Historical studies about the relations between local communities and military occupation
ONOUE Koji Advisor for Policy for Persons with Disabilities (Cabinet Office), Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples' International
OKAMOTO Teruaki The formation and genealogy of post-war social welfare in occupied Kyoto: From GHQ/SCAP documents and the diary of Etsuji Sumiya
OONUKI Naho The aesthetic/artistic study of irezumi [traditional Japanese tattoos]: Communication between the self and the other mediated by visual images imprinted on the body
OTA Keiko Osaka Hospital Organiation osaka Medical Center School of Nursing
SADATO Kuniko Independent living movement for people with disabilities
SAKURAI Hiroko Biomedical Ethics Laboratory, School of Pharmacy, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences Bioethics of Newborn Infants with Severe Disabilities/Bioethics in the Neonatal intensive Care Units/Bioethics of Pharmaceutical education
SATO Sayaka
SHIRAHASE Tatsuya Kwansei Gakuin Uviversity, School of Sociology Welfare sociology of urban poor areas/Sociology of immigrant religion
SOHN Mihaeng Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences Center for Collaborative Future Creation Considering Multicultural Education Programs with the Viewpoint of Caring
TAMAI Takashi Board Member, Africa Japan Forum Global Health in Africa: Biomedicine, Therapy Networks and Ethnicity
TANABE Kentaro Ritsumeikan University, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences Philosophy of Music, Analytic Aesthetics, Music Education
TANAKA Keiko Hiroshima Shudo University faculty of humanities A Study of Emotional Labor in the service industry
TANIMURA Hitomi Social welfare corporation Enokikai Mothers' divorce of the children with disabilities who see from their three generation relationship
TOSHIMITSU Keiko Toshimitsu Pharmacy Bioethics and historical approach on reproductive technology
UCHINAMI Ayako Shukutoku Junior College A Study about Equal Access to Information for People with Intellectual Disabilities: From a Perspective of Social Model
URATA Yu Osaka University, Teaching and Learning Support Center
WAHYUDI Risa (KOYAKE Risa) Higashi Osaka Junior College Reproductive Freedom for the Victim Women
YAMADA Yuichi specified nonprofit corporation Uneven life design/Kumamoto Prefecture Developmental Disability Parties Association Little bit Reexamination of “reasonable consideration” considered from the structure of suffering and social exclusion of parties with developmental disabilities
-Mainly focused on practicing training for parties-based supporters before and after the Kumamoto earthquake –
YAMAMOTO Yumiko Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences Exclusion and Governmentality: Focusing on Scientific Research, Society and Thought
YANG Yangil
YANO Ryo Faculty of Healthcare Management by Correspondence
Department of Social Healthcare and Business Management
Studies on the mechanism of social inclusion and exclusion ; focusing on the relationship between welfare state formation and minorities
YASUHARA Soichi Japan National Group of Mental Disabled People Testimony of a forced hospitalization experiences
Interview with experiencers / families / stakeholders
YOKOTA Yoko A history of environmental radioactivity surveys and nuclear emergency preparedness
YORITAKA Tsunenobu
YOSHIDA Sachie The Institute of Medical Science, The University Of Tokyo
ZHANG Wanhong Wuhan University School of Law Disability Rights in China and East Asia Global COE Program for Ars Vivendi

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