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I completed my PhD at Nagoya University, in the Sociology Department. I then worked as an assistant professor (Apr 2008 to Mar 2010) and postdoctral research fellow (Apr 2010 to Mar 2011) in Nagoya University. I joined Research Center for Ars Vivendi in Apr 2011, as a postdoctral fellow. My specific research interests are (1) Historical sociology of speech disability and correction, (2) Network analysis of social movement organizations "of" persons with illness and disability.


Eminent Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Academic degrees:

Doctor of Sociology (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University, Mar 2009)

Specific research interests:

Social Movements and Protest
Historical Sociology
Social Interaction

Work experience:

  • Apr, 2008: Assistant Professor (2yr fixed term) at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies and the School of Letters, Nagoya University (up to Mar, 2010)
  • Apr, 2010: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1yr fixed term) at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University (up to Mar, 2011)
  • Apr, 2011: Postdoctoral Fellow at Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University (up to Mar, 2013)

Part-time lecture:

  • Apr, 2005: Part-time Lecturer, Nihon Fukushi University (to the Mar, 2009)
  • Apr, 2005: Part-time Lecturer, College of Nagoya Bunri University (to the Feb, 2008)
  • Apr, 2005: Part-time Lecturer, Ichinomiya Pref College of Nursing (to the Mar, 2008)
  • Oct, 2005: Part-time Lecturer, Nutritionist College of Nagoya Bunri University(to the Feb, 2008)
  • Apr, 2007: Part-time Lecturer, Aichi University (to the Mar, 2012)
  • Apr, 2007: Part-time Lecturer, Chukyo University (to the Mar, 2011)
  • Apr, 2009: Part-time Lecturer, Aichi Pref University (to the Oct, 2011)
  • Apr, 2010: Part-time Lecturer, Aichi Shukutoku University (to the Sep, 2010)
  • Apr, 2010: Part-time Lecturer, Toyota Technological Institute (to the present)

Academic achievements (yy/mm/dd):

Book contribution:


  • NISHIHARA, Kazuhisa and HOSAKA, Minoru, eds. 2007.11.30, Introduction to the Sociology in the Age of Globalization, Shinsen-sha.("Welfare State, " "Welfare and Medicine, " "Sociology of Narrative." (in Japanese)
  • TSURUMOTO, Kaori, NISHIYAMA, Tetsuro and MATSUMIYA, Ashita, eds. 2008.09.15, Living in Toyotism Society, The Cultural Studies from NAGOYA.("Colum: Thinking of the Culture of/from Voice." (in Japanese)

Co-translated (English into Japanese)

  • Crossley, Nick ,2005, Key Concepts in Critical Social Theory. Sage. = NISHIHARA, Kazuhisa (translation supervisor), 2008, Shinsen-sha.("Orientarism," "Social Constructions / Social Constructionism," and "Unconsciousness (the)")

Journal article:

Refereed paper:

  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2003.10.10, "Interaction Ritual and Speech Impediment: Stutterers Who Live in 'Feeling Uneasy', " The Journal of Studies in Contemporary Social Theory (Gendai Shakai-Riron Kenkyu), Vol.13, pp.177-189. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2003.12.20, "From Interaction Order to Self, Frame and Talk: Dispute about Perception of 'Human' Who Lives in the Goffman's World, " The Sociological Review of Nagoya University (Nagoya Daigaku Shakaigaku Ronshu), Vol.24, pp.85-102. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2004.08.10, "Historical Sociology of Stuttering Correction: Issues of Speech Correction by ISAWA Shuji in the Meiji and Taisho Eras, " The Annual Review of Sociology (Nenpoh Shakaigaku-Ronshu, Official Journal of The Kantoh Sociological Society), Vol.17, pp.25-35. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2004.11.17, "The Range of Interaction Ritual Theory: Outline of Development beyond Pseudo History and Reductionism, " The Journal of Studies in Contemporary Social Theory (Gendai Shakai-Riron Kenkyu), Vol.14, pp.173-183. (in Japanese) WATANABE, Katunori, 2004.12.20, "A Boolean Algebra Approach of Self-help Group Participation : A Case Study on the Activities of Self-help Group for the People that Stutter, " The Sociological Review of Nagoya University (Nagoya Daigaku Shakaigaku Ronshu), Vol.25, pp.23-43. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katunori, 2005.10.30, "Conscription and Speech Impediment," Sociolinguistic (Syakai Gengogaku), Vol.5, pp.13-23. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katunori, 2005.12.30, "Endo Ryukichi's Concept of Language: Issues of Sociological Commitment to Language during the early stage of Nation-State Formation in Meiji era, " Tsukuba Annals of Sociology (Nenpo Tsukuba Syakaigaku), Vol.17, pp.67-78. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katunori, 2008.02.28, "The Concept of "Scoail Sciences" prior to 1923: With Special Attention to the History of Sociology and Sakae Osugi, " Soshioroji, Vol.161, pp. 3-18. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Kastunori, 2009.02.20, "The Argument on "National-Language Policy" by Tongo Takebe, " The Sociological Review of Nagoya University (Nagoya Daigaku Shakaigaku Ronshu), Vol.29, pp.87-103. (in Japanese)
  • GOTO, Yuri, Katsunori WATANABE and Kazuhisa NISHIHARA,2011.06.30,"Theoretical Possibility of Social Movement: On the Thoughts of Koichi Yokozuka and 'Aoi Shiba no Kai'," Colloquium: The New Horizon of Contemporary Sociological Theory, Vol.6: pp.171-185 (in English)

Non refereed paper:

  • WATANABE, Kastunori, 2010.02.20, "The Conception of Sociology and "Living with a Stammer": A Case Study of Osugi Sakae's Thoughts," The Sociological Review of Nagoya University (Nagoya Daigaku Shakaigaku Ronshu), Vol.30, pp.123-136. (in Japanese)


  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2007.11.30, "Definition of Stammering Voice: Correction and Social Movement in Japan, " Report on Panel Session 'A Consideration of Voice Culture, ' pp.24-33. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2010.05.31, "The History and Neck of Disability Protests in Post-War Japan, " FUJIKI, Hideo and TSUBOI Hideto eds., Revolting Youth: Social Movements and Cultures after the 1960s, Research Center for Modern and Contemporary Japanese Culture, pp.97-101. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2011.02.23, Report on Comparative Analysis of Social Movements "of" persons with Illnesses and Disabilities, supported by KAKENHI(21730410), Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), 108p. (in Japanese)


  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2003.07.01, Review of the Works on Erving Goffman, Nagoya University Sociological Society Newsletter, No.3, pp.14-16. (in Japanese)
  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2004.02.28, Book Review of ISHIKAWA Jun. and KURAMOTO, Tomoaki. eds., Commitment and Argument of Disability Studies, " Nagoya University Sociological Society Newsletter, No.4, pp.20-21. (in Japanese)
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  • WATANABE, Katsunori, 2012.03.20, "Reports of International Research Activities: Inter-Orgazational Netwoks between Japan and Korea Disabilieties", Ars Vivendi Vol.4, pp.251-253. (in Japanese)

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